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"I'm amazed at how much my love life has improved since my husband bought your book.  When I saw it printed out, I was annoyed at first – thinking he had ordered a kinky sex manual.  But I was touched when he told me it was something he did to save our relationship.  We have only been using it for a couple of weeks now, but already we’re glowing and friends have started asking us what’s changed between us – I’ll never tell!”

--Brenda & Tony, New Jersey


"Restore The Flame - Before It’s Too Late" is the only guide to restoring the closeness, passion, and adoration couples once felt for each other using a combination of ancient mystique and modern insight.


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From: Soudah Shah

Thursday 7:45PM


Dear Friend,


Do you remember what the first kiss was like with your lover?  That tingling feeling and breathlessness that made you yearn for that person the minute he or she went home?


Can you recall the loving stares, intense desire, and wonderful feeling of being adored.  It was like heaven on earth and you both were floating on Cloud 9.


That initial stage in your relationship is called the honeymoon period (even if you’re not really married).  My husband and I had that once, too.  But over time, that hot flame tends to die down, doesn’t it?


You become “comfortable” in the relationship and the passionate kisses become pecks. The long hours of embraces shrivel up into a quick hug as one partner bolts out the door on the way to work.


This may seem normal, but it’s actually the first stage of the domino effect that eventually leads to heartbreak and separation.


I’m sorry to say, but if you don’t find a way to keep your relationship new and exciting, it's only a matter of time…


Can you guess the biggest reason people cheat on their partners or commit adultery?  It’s very simple -


It’s Because They Are Bored With Their Love Life at Home!


Not long ago, I found myself depressed, frustrated, and eventually in tears over the way my marriage had deteriorated.  My husband and I just weren’t intimate anymore. We used to have such great passion – but over time it seemed to just disappear.


We had grown apart.  Our dysfunctional love life was creating resentment, frequent arguments, and stress. 


I jealously wondered - if he wasn’t loving me, then who was he with?


We both still loved each other, but we weren’t “in love” or infatuated with each other anymore.


We Tried Everything to Spice Up Our Marriage - Counseling, Adult Movies, Romantic Getaways – Nothing Worked!  We Thought Our Marriage Was Doomed!


Eventually we agreed that we needed some time apart.  As much as it hurt, I knew it was necessary because we were simply miserable together.


I sincerely believed that the man I had married was a good man – one worthy of doing anything to keep.  And I wasn’t willing to just let go…

Desperate for a way to reconcile our differences, I confided in my Grandmother who had been happily married for 52 years.  I figured if anyone could give me relationship advice it was her. 

To my surprise, what she revealed to me would change my life forever. She revealed to me what would prove to be the roadmap to restoring the flame in my relationship and saving my marriage.

She introduced me to the ancient secrets of The Kama Sutra and how a couple can use it for emotional, spiritual, and physical satisfaction.

The secrets of her happy marriage were based on The Kama Sutra’s ability to combine the sexual fervor couples need with the basic love and attention each partner wishes the other could give them.

“The Kama Sutra is not, as many people mistakenly believe, just a guide to sexual positions and pleasure.  It’s so much more than that,” she offered me.  “I want you to take this and before you even think about the sexual secrets, use it to repair the damage that’s been done to your relationship and rebuild the bond with your husband.


I shared with my husband this strategy for rebuilding our union.  He appreciated my desire to keep our love alive and was willing to give it a try.  For the next year, we studied and practiced the Kama Sutra’s teachings.


The results were better than I ever expected.  Not only are we now back together and thrilled with the exploration of each other’s bodies, but we have a renewed respect and compassion for each other.  Our bond is stronger than ever and we look forward to every minute together as if we were high school sweethearts again.


The Flame is Now Back in Our Life and It Feels Sooo Good :-) !


Why am I sharing this with you?  Let’s be honest - I don’t really know you or your personal situation.  I’m sharing my most intimate secrets with you today because I appreciate how my life has changed and I want others to share my happiness.


I wrote down everything we learned and everything that worked for us in

"Restore the Flame - Before it’s Too Late:  Passion Secrets of The Kama Sutra."


In today’s world, divorce rates are at an all-time high.  More than half of all marriages end in divorce.  Why?  Couples are working on the wrong things – trying to reduce debt, find a stolen moment or two without the kids, and learning how to keep their mouths shut when something their partner does makes them angry!  


What they’re not doing is focusing on how to be intimate with each other again.   By intimate, I’m not just talking about sex.  How can you have desire for someone you’re not even willing to sit down and talk to?


My husband and I almost became a statistic – but we relit the flame of passion in our relationship - and you can, too!


I truly believe that this guide will help you avoid some of the mistakes I made in my relationship and have a longer, happier love life.  It’s a step by step blueprint to help you restore the flame in your life - before it’s too late...


I Will Teach You in 30 days What it Took us Over a Year to Master! 

Take Advantage of My Experience and Research and Apply it to Your

Own life - With Guaranteed Results!


Here’s Just a Sample of What you’ll Learn with Restore the Flame - Before it’s Too Late:


The Perfect Rx for People Who Feel They’re Just Too Shy to Make Love Without Inhibitions!

What You Need to Know About a Man and Woman’s Most Erotic Love Zones to Give and Receive the Most Intense Sexual Pleasure of Your Life!

How to combine emotional and physical pleasures using massage, ambiance, kissing, seduction, playfulness, and the erotic entwinement of your bodies.
Intimate Secrets to Lovemaking and Romance That Every Woman Wishes Her Partner Knew!
How to Trust Your Partner – Even If You’ve Caught Him or Her Cheating – and Be Able to Give Your Body, Mind, and Soul to Your Partner Freely, and Without Resentment!
How Deep-Breathing Exercises Can Actually Result in a Stronger Orgasms and an Overall Healthier Heart – Which Allows You to Endure Long-Term Spells of Passion and Romance!

Ancient sex and intimacy secrets known and perfected by only a few.

Why You Should Never Go Out to Dinner Right Before You Make Love – But Instead, Prepare a Passion Platter Designed to Fill Your Desires, Not Your Stomachs!

How to get your lover to express respect, admiration, and compassion through tender, loving gestures that aren’t dependent on an outcome of having sex.

Take advantage of the scientifically proven health benefits that the Kama Sutra offers through pre-intercourse energy-releasing exercises and intense orgasmic experiences.
The Kama Sutra’s "Selfless Seduction" technique that will enable you to heighten your partner’s sexual energy without effort!
Discover the top 3 reasons men and women site a lack of intimacy and what you can do to start feeling excitement about fostering a close relationship with your lover again!
Why unintentionally using sex as a weapon to win psychological battles will ruin your relationship!
How to Use All 5 Senses to Experience the Best Intimacy of Your Life – from Visual Stimulation to Imbibing in the Erotic Tastes of a Love So Deep Only the Most Romantic Individuals Will Be Able to Partake of This Richness!
Five Important Things You MUST Do Before You And Your Lover Engage in the Commitment to Rebuild Your Relationship!
How to Create a Ritual, Not a Routine – So That Each Lovemaking Session Feels Special!
How to Make Love Without Working So Hard to Achieve Orgasm!
Why It’s Not Always Good to Overindulge the Senses, Including OD’ing on Perfumes or Scented Candles!
How to Enhance the Mood and Setting of Any Space So That It Invites Romance and Passion to Your Special Moment!
Why Having Kids Doesn’t Have to Mean the End of Your Sex Life as You Once Knew It!
Learn How to Gently Bite, Scratch, and Nibble on Your Lover (Without Hurting Them) to Heighten Their Sexual Pleasure!
Why You Should Maintain Eye Contact During Kissing, Embracing, and Intercourse to Make the Most of Your Intimacy!
How to Turn Off the TV and Radio and Tune In to Your Lover to Provide a Deeper Emotional Connection During Intercourse!

Learn why it’s the little things throughout the day that lead to a more fulfilled sexual encounter later that night.


Discover the secret sexual pleasure of building up your level of intimacy so that you can make love for hours – not minutes.  Don’t worry, every man and woman can sustain this kind of passion – if you’re using these techniques!

How to Say “Goodbye” to Perfunctory Kisses and Cold-Shoulder Embraces and “Hello” to Erotic Glances and Anticipation!

A Must-Read for Any Couple That Intends to Stay Happy Together Long Term!

Restore the Flame - Before it’s Too Late is one of a kind in the way it merges the ancient lessons of spirituality and personal responsibility with modern, advanced, scientific sexual knowledge. 

The goal is to stimulate every part of your being – so that you experience the closeness of love and physical passion. 

Want to Spice Up Your Relationship?

Share This Information with Your Partner!

Most sex and intimacy guides were written for either a man or a woman.

The wonderful thing about this Guide is that it was created for couples.  Although men dominated the ancient Hindu societies, the wife was advised to study the teachings of the Kama Sutra to ensure a happy marriage for both parties.

Whatever state your relationship is in right now, I can guarantee that it can be better if you and your partner are willing to put these lessons into practice!


Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can ignite the flames of desire and ensure your partner doesn’t seek pleasure in the arms of a stranger! Your lover will be begging for sex – and both of you will finally enjoy the marathon sessions of love making practiced only by those who have been exposed to these secrets.

Why It’s Okay for Couples to “Break the Rules” and Explore a Deeper Understanding of Their Innermost Sexual Desires!

Western civilization has long since drawn a curtain on sexual pleasure.   Women were highly deterred from speaking about it and men didn’t know how to talk to their wives about such matters. 

When my husband would ask me to leave the lights on, I used to refuse – too ashamed to let him see me naked!  How absurd is that?

Restore the Flame - Before it’s Too Late will enhance your relationship with specific, easy-to-follow instructions so that neither of you has to feel embarrassed or unsure of what to do next!

In this groundbreaking guide to pairing a loving partnership with sexual satisfaction, I’ll teach you how to fill any gaps in your union regardless of whether they’re lacking on a physical or emotional level.

I'll show you how to guarantee that your lover experiences the pleasure of letting go during sex – achieving multiple orgasms that are common when two people have a foundation of true love and trust.

Warning:  Do Not Use These Techniques On Anyone Unless You Are Seeking

a Serious, Long-Term Commitment!

Passion can make people very vulnerable, and when someone gives of his or herself in a sexual nature, you must not take advantage of them. That may be why the Catholic Church once condemned many of these teachings!

There’s a reason that in the culture of ancient India, these secrets were reserved only for the elite. It’s because anything of such intense pleasure and value was something sought after – and guarded by – those in power.

Few men and women have taken the time to thoroughly understand and practice the ancient passion secrets summarized in this guide, but those who have pity the ones who are missing out on the sexual and emotional satisfaction that could be theirs – if only they would listen!

“When I went online looking for a support group for my troubled marriage, I stumbled across your ebook.


It was late at night, but I read the whole thing – and before I went to bed, I followed a few tidbits of advice to show my husband that I was willing to start over and that I truly loved him. He was shocked to see me take charge and spice things up.

That night, we made love for the first time in 3 months!  He enjoyed it so much that he actually woke up and made me breakfast in bed.


Thanks for the great advice..."

--S. Williams

If you’re worried that you don’t have what it takes – that your physical appearance isn’t pleasing to your partner – if you try to hide you hairline or your ample waist – this guide will show you how to get rid of those feelings of inferiority and use the body you have to attract and please your partner!  

If you’ve been feeling neglected, alone in your relationship, and unloved – the time has come to stop feeling as if you’re single!  ARE YOU WILLING TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIP?

Do This, and Your Relationship Will Survive!

Are you ready to start re-igniting the romance in your relationship from the ground up? With an instant download, you can start planting the seeds of your love and watching it blossom into an amazing garden of passion and intimacy.

Because I feel so strongly that all couples should not be denied the tools they need to make their relationship work, I’m willing to do anything to convince you that it’s worth the investment of this guide – and your time!


That's why, for a limited time only, I'm slashing the price of Restore the Flame - Before It's Too Late from $49.99 to:


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AND - To ensure your satisfaction, this offer comes with my personal 100% Money Back Guarantee:


My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

My guarantee is simple.  If for any reason you don't believe this product is everything I say it is... if you don't feel it's worth many more times what you paid for it, simply contact me within 60 days and I'll personally refund 100% of your money.  No questions asked, no hassles. 


These bonuses -- worth over $100 -- are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money-back guarantee.


Try it out - risk free - your satisfaction is assured!



Click Here and Order Now risk free - I guarantee you'll be glad you did!




Soudah Shah



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Immediate Access in PDF Format

P.S. - There is no other guide on the Internet that puts these teachings into play based on personal experience.  I guarantee you and your partner will be drawn closer together by sharing this information and these strategies.  Grab your copy now.

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YES!  I want to download RestoreTheFlame - Before it’s Too Late using long-hidden techniques and lessons from the highly revered Kama Sutra.

I want my relationship to work, and I understand that intimacy is more about building a connection with my lover than pure physical gratification.  But I also want to know how to achieve intense sexual satisfaction with my partner as we grow and work on maintaining the love in our relationship.

I agree, since I’m checking this box (please check above), that I’m entitled to your FREE mega-bonus package worth more than the package itself!

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All of these bonuses are mine FREE, no matter what!  And I appreciate that my satisfaction with RestoreTheFlame - Before it’s Too Late is always 100% guaranteed for 60 days.  I understand that my credit card will be charged only $29.97 for the purchase price and that I will be able to instantly download it after the order is submitted.


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